Fun Slumber Party Games & Activities:

Slumber Party Games

Looking for fun slumber party games & activities? Here you'll find tips & ideas for a great party.

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Here you will find games & activities for all ages. Let's start with games & activities for ages 9-12 years old. Scroll down for games & activities for 13 years & older!

Games & Activities for ages 9-12 year old:

After your guests are dressed in their pajamas, try this old-time hairstyling technique for beautiful ringlets.
a) Tear fabric stripes into thin stripes about 8-10 inches long.
b) Dampen guests hair with water (use spray bottle) and comb out any knots.
c) Start at the top of her head. Lift a section of wet hair & place a fabric strip across its end. Roll the hair & the rag toward the scalp. Tie together the ends of the rag roller in a bow.
d) Repeat step 3, working down the back & the sides, until entire head of hair is rolled in rags. Leave over night.
e) In the morning, untie & unwind the rag rollers. Enjoy a beautiful head full of curls!

Ready for more slumber party games & activities? Try these:

Try the latest fingernail fashion! Here are designs for inspiration. Tip: Use a tiny water color brush (size 00) for detailing.
Plaid: Apply base coat of polish. Once dry, add lines of a different color.
Starry Night:
Top a dark under coat with a glittery gold star.
Start with a coat of red. Add staggered rows of black squares.
Pot of Gold:
Paint a miniature rainbow at the tip of the nail.
Tiger Stripes:
Apply an orange, gold undercoat. Add irregular black stripes.
Flower Garden:
Top a green base coat with daisies or tulips.
Polka Dots:
Apply a base coat of polish. Dab on drops of another color.
Paint the nail white, then top with big black patches.
Lightning Bolt:
Top a blue base coat with a bright yellow zigzag.
Red Delicious:
Paint on a tiny apple complete with stem & leaves.

Want more slumber party games & activities? Here you are:

Pop in a dance video & learn how to line dance or dance the Macarena together.

Braid embroidered floss into friendship bracelets or mix & match beads from old jewelry.

The following idea is also a great addition to slumber party games & activities. Enjoy this activity, which can also be turned into a fun party favor for your guests:

Make one for each guest. They can double as party favors at the end of your party.
a) For each book you'll need a spiral-bound notebook or a few sheets of unlined paper with holes punched along the side & bound together with a ribbon.
b) Print a different heading on each page, such as "Favorite Animals", "Best Movie", "Favorite Actor/Actress", or "Favorite Saying", etc. Even pose a question, i.e.: "What to you want to be when you grow up?"
c) Divide each page into equal sections, one for each guest to write in.
When the guests arrive, hand out the books. Set out a bunch of colored markers to jot down or draw their answers in each other's books.
What a slumber party! These scrapbooks make for great keepsakes.

JEWELRY MAKING: (coming soon!)

Each guest gets to paint her own pair of socks with bold, colorful designs. Then dry overnight. Slip them on the next morning.
To make one pair, you'll need cotton socks. Pre-wash & dry them ahead of time. Do NOT use fabric softener.
Have cardboard, a pencil & scissors ready.
Use non-toxic three-dimensional fabric paint. You can get the paint, available in a variety of colors, in most craft or fabric stores.
Have each guest set their shoes on top of a piece of cardboard. Trace around them with a pencil.
Cut around the two shoe shapes with scissors.
Fit the cardboard shoe shapes into a pair of socks, so that they are pressed flat against the soles of the socks.
Now your guests can paint stars, lines, flowers, letters or any other designs they like on the sock bottoms.
Most three-dimensional paint can be applied straight from the bottle. Press the nozzle against the fabric to make sure the paint sticks.
Let the paint set overnight before removing the cardboard & before wearing.
Also, wait three days before you machine-wash & dry your socks. It is a good idea to refer to the bottle for proper drying time & heat settings!

We are constantly adding slumber party games & activities. So keep checking back with us! How about some yummy cakes & treats for your guests? Try the following recipes:

1. Sleep-Over Cake Recipe: Click here:
Slumber Party Cake Recipe & Decoration Ideas

2. Breakfast Sundaes:
The morning after the party wake you guests with fresh fruit sundaes. Fill parfait glasses with layer sliced peaches, bananas, melon and/or berries. Add plain or flavored yogurt. Top it with granola, finely chopped nuts and/or a cherry.

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