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Are you looking for fun outdoor games for kids & teen? Super, you have come to the right place!Here you'll find ideas, tips & suggestions for activities that are fun & cool!

The games suggested here are for kids & teens of all ages. Feel free to adapt any of the games to fit your particular needs:

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Let's start with this fun outdoor game:

What you need:
1 six sided die
Any variety of items that can be used to hit a ball (i.e. tennis racket, baseball bat, broom, etc.)
A variety of bowls or other items that can be hit (i.e. tennis ball, baseball, rubber ball, teddy bear)
Other items that you may need are a blindfold and/or helmet
Before the game:
This game is a fun version of baseball. Prior to this activity gather up any balls, bats, blindfolds, etc. that you can find and create a list of six ways a ball can be hit, kicked, or not. Your list might look something like this:
1. Wear the blindfold and keep the purple ball (you may remove your blindfold before running the bases).
2. Hit the teddy bear with the tennis racket.
3. Hit the rubber ball with the baseball bat.
4. Sing a song, then hit the tennis ball with the broom.
5. Put on the bicycle helmet, spin around 10 times with the baseball bat touching the floor and your four head at the same time, then kick the ball.
6. Kick the football with the bat.
During the game:
1. Divide the group into two teams as you would for an outdoor game like baseball, and play this game on a baseball diamond or in the gym or field with marked bases.
2. Play by the baseball rules: three outs, if the ball is caught you’re out, if you're tagged with the ball you're out, etc.
3. When it is your turn to bet, you must roll the die. Depending on what number you roll you must follow the rules for that number.
4. The person who is the picture must follow the directions and throw all rolled the appropriate ball or object.
You may use a pair of dice & create a list of 12 ways to hit the ball instead of just six.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
A large pile of old newspapers
Masking tape
2 small goalsPlastic baseballs
1. Divide the group into two teams and give each team a pile of old newspapers and at least one roll of masking tape.
2. Each person needs to take some newspaper, wrote it up and keep it so it can be used as a hockey stick.
3. Mark off a large area inside or outside that can be used to play hockey with two small goals.
4. The group is now ready to play newspaper hockey. You may play the game with one or more plastic baseballs. Each team is trying to hit the ball with their hockey sticks into the other goal.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
Bandanas or cloth strips or masking tape
Various game supplies, such as a beach ball or volleyball or basketball or soccer ball, etc.
1. Ask the group members to divide up into pairs.
2. Give each player a bandana or cloth strip and instruct them to stand side by side and tie their inside legs together (three-legged race style).
3. Once the group is divided into pairs, creates two teams and challenged him to play one of the following games:
Beach ball volleyball
Or anything else you can think of!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
Varied (see idea list below)
1. Prior to this outdoor game activity, gather supplies together that can be used to make a tall tower but are not conventional things to build with.
Some ideas are…
Paper (and nothing else)
Raw spaghetti and marshmallows
Gum drops and toothpicks
Drinking straws and paperclips
Drinking straws and tape
Paper cups and a pack of chewing gum
String, paper cups, and drinking straws
2. Break the group into teams of 2 to 6 members each.
3. Give each group a pile of the supplies you have gathered and challenged them to build the tallest tower they can using only the supplies given to them.
4. Give the group a time limit.
5. At the end of the allotted time, ask the groups to show the creation to the rest of the group.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
Limbo stick or string and chairs
1. Have two people hold the limbo stick two feet off the ground, or tie a string between two chairs at this height.
2. The challenge is for the entire group to move under the stick from one side to the other without anyone touching or bumping the stick.
3. There are some rules that must be followed for this activity:
- the only part of your body that may touch the ground are the feet.
- once you move under the stick you may not return to the other side unless you successfully moved back under the stick.
- if anyone touches the ground with any body part besides his/her feet the whole team must start over. (You may be flexible on this rule if you choose.)
- you may help each other!
Once the team is successful at this height, challenged them to go lower!
Isn't this a fun outdoor game?!!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
Large coffee cans
1. Gather together large coffee-type cans and punch two holes in the side walls, opposite of each other near the closed end of the can.
2. Place a thin rope through the holes and tie the rope in a loop that is long enough to hold onto when standing on the can. Make several of these for your group.
3. Divide your group into two teams.
4. Give each team two cans to walk on - one for each foot.
5. On the start signal “Go!” the first member of each team starts walking on the cans towards a mark that is about 5 yards away, walks around the mark, and walks back to his/her team, giving the cans to the next team member, who starts walking on the cans towards the mark, and so on, until all the team members finish the can walk.
6. The first team to have all members finish the can walk wins!

Here are some more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
Blankets, sheets, or bath towels
Water balloon or volleyball or teddy bear or other soft object
1. Divide the group into smaller groups of 2 to 4 members each.
2. Give each group a blanket, cheat, or bath towel.
3. Each person should hold onto a part of the blanket so they can cost and catch a water balloon with it.
4. At first the teams should stand close together and cause the water balloon back and forth.
5. Gradually have the teams moved further and further apart until the water balloon is dropped.
6. if the water balloon hits the ground someone may pick it up but otherwise there is no touching the water balloon.
Play a game of volleyball by tossing a ball, water balloon or other object back and forth over the net, using towels and blankets to toss and catch the item.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

No materials required
1. Divide the group into smaller teams of 2 to 3 people each.
2. Challenge each group to sit down on the floor with their backs to each other, link elbows, and then stand up without unlinking arms.
3. Once a team successfully stands up, they need to find another team that was also successful & form a larger group together, sit back to back, and attempt to stand up altogether.
4. The smaller groups should continue joining together until the entire group is back to back and working together to stand up as one big team.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Teens & Preteens
What you need:
Bandanas, strips of cloth or masking tape
1. Ask the group members to stand side by side.
2. Give the group bandanas, strips of cloth, or masking tape and ask them to tie or tape themselves together at the ankles (one person is tied at the ankle is flesh her neighbor on the left and right, and so on down the line).3. If you don't have any ties to use people may tie their shoelaces together with both their neighbors.
4. Once the group is attached, asked them to work together to walk forward without anyone falling.
5. If this is difficult for the group to do, break them into pairs and ask them to try walking with just one other person.
6. Once successful with this, and another pair, so that there are for people in the group and try it again until successful.
7. Keep adding people until the group can all walk together without falling.
8. If the group is very large, it is best to break them into smaller teams of no more than 10 people each.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Teens (a group consisting of a good mix of guys and girls )
No materials required
1. For this fun outdoor game, the guys must link themselves together in a tight group using their arms, legs, and hands.
2. Once all the guys are in a clump the girls must try to pull them apart as quickly as they can (you may want to time this activity for added fun).
3. Once a guy has been pulled off the group, he cannot rejoin it or help his fellow man.
4. Once all the guys have been separated from each other, the round is over.
5. Now the girls have returned to bunch up, and the guys tried to pull them apart in the least time possible.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Teens & Preteens
2 basketballsBasketball court
White stickers with the numbers 1 or 2 written on them
This is a fun way for a group to play basketball while using teamwork and making sure everyone is included.
1. Divide the group into two teams.
2. Give each team a batch of stickers with the number 1 or 2.
3. Each person puts a sticker on his/her shirt (team number one should all be wearing one, team two should be wearing two).
4. Teams one and two will be shooting at one basket.
5. Play with two basketballs and everyone plays at the same time. (It is best to play with no out-of-bounds if this is possible.) The object of the game is for everyone on your team to score a basket.
6. Play regular basketball rules, only everyone is playing it once and trying to help his/her own team members to score.
7. Every time a basket is made, the person who made the basket takes of his/her sticker in places it on a scoreboard or have a person be the score keeper who wears all the stickers on his/her shirt.
8. The stickers keep track of who has scored.
9. Once a person's scores one basket, he or she cannot make any more points for his or her team. Each time everyone on a team scores a basket, the team gets one point.
10. The team with the most points wins!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Teens & Preteens
No materials required
1. Gather the group to gather and ask everyone to close his/her eyes or use blindfolds.
2. Instruct the group to arrange themselves into a line using any of the following criteria. For an added challenge, give the group a time limit.
Lineup ideas:
1. Shortest to tallest
2. By birthdates
3. Number of letters in your full name (shortest name to longest name)
4. Number of people in your immediate family (smallest to biggest)
5. Where you were born (nearest tube furthers)
6. Person who was news to the group to person who has been in it for the longest
7. Anything else you can think of….!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Warm weather
Teen, Preteens & older Children
What you need:
One large ice block for every 3 to 6 people
1. Divide the group into teams of 3 to 6 members each and give each team a block of ice of equal size.
2. Each team tries to meld their own block of bodies as quickly as possible.
3. Each team that completely turns the block of ice into water first wins.

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

Indoor (it might get messy, though ;-)/ Outdoor
Recommended age: 8 years & older
What you need:
1 Paper cup per team
Several pitchers or containers of equal size to pour water with
Two larger see-through containers of equal size to pour water in
2 cafeteria-type trays
1. Prior to the activity, fill the pitchers with water and placed them on one end of the room (or outside the area). On the opposite side of the room (or outside area) place the see-through containers, one for each team.
2. Divide the group into two teams and have the members line up.
3. Give the first member of each team a paper cup.
4. That member fills his/her paper cup with water from the pitcher, places it on the tray and carries it as fast as possible to the other side of the room (or outside area), where he/she pours the water from the cup into the see-through container. Then he/she runs (with the tray & the cup) back to his/her team, where the next member in line takes over the cup & the tray and refills the cup with water from the picture and starts running to the other side, pour the water from the cup into the container, and so on.
5. The game stops when all the members of one team are done running.
6. You then go and measure how much water is in each see-through container.
7. The Team with the most water in the see-through container wins!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
2 bags of large marshmallows
1. Divide party guests into two teams and give each team and bag of marshmallows. The play area should be a large open space with a line across the center to divided into two areas. Each team is on a different side and cannot cross the line to the other side.
2. On the signal “Go!” the members of each team try to eliminate the members of the opposite team by hitting them with marshmallows.
3. If the marshmallow is thrown at you and you are hit, you must go to the sideline and get into line with your other teammates who have been hit.
4. When a person on your own team catches the marshmallow that was thrown by someone on the other team, the first person in line may return to the game. The object is to eliminate the other team entirely!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
1 roll of masking tape
1. Divide the party guests into pairs and ask them to select one partner to ride piggyback on the other partner.
2. Place a piece of masking tape on the back of each person who is riding piggyback. The tape should be about 4 inches long, and it works best to return the end under so the tab is sticking out.
3. Designate a playing area that everyone must stay in for the game.
4. On the “Go!” signal, each pair tries to grab the tape off of anyone they can while at the same time protecting their own tape anyway they can.
5. Once your tape is pulled off, you and your partner must leave the play area and can watch the rest of the game from there. The game is over when one pair remains in the middle with tape on the back in with everyone else eliminated!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
1 large paper grocery sack for each team
1. Divide the party guests into teams of at least two people each but no more than 10.
2. Place one large paper grocery sack in front of each team, open and on the ground.
3. Each person must take a turn trying to pick up the bag with his or her teeth. When trying to bite the bag, you cannot use your hands, and the only part of your body that can touch the ground is your feet. If anyone falls over, can't fight the bag, or uses his or her hands, they are eliminated.
4. Once everyone on each team has attempted to bite the bag, cut 2 inches off the top of the bag.
5. The remaining players now play a second round.
6. Keep cutting the bag after each round and giving all remaining players chance to try the shorter bag while their teammates cheer them on.
7. The person who can bite the shortest bag wins the game for his or her team!

Here are more Outdoor Game Ideas:

What you need:
1 Blindfold
1. Start the game by asking for a volunteer.
2. Blindfold this person and ask the rest of the party guests to hold hands in a circle surrounding him or her.
3. The person in the middle tries to tag or touch those in the circle.
4. The party guests in the circle must work together to avoid being touched by the person who was in the middle. If anyone in the group let's go at any time, the person in the middle wins that round.
5. Set a time limit (about 20 seconds) and challenge the group to go for this amount of time without being tagged. The group can try to get away from the person by getting the person in the middle to go under their arms and outside the circle without tagging them. After the 20 seconds, put another person in the middle and play again.
6. You may change the challenge by doing any of the following:
- Blindfold two people who must hold hands and work together to try to tag the circle.
- The person in the middle has no blindfold but has his/her shoelaces tied together.
- Place a bell or other noisemaker on one person in the circle and challenge the person in the middle to tag this person while the rest of the group tries to keep him/her from being tagged you may allow more time for this activity.

I hope you enjoyed our selection of Outdoor Game Ideas!

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