Kid Party Decorations: Tips, Ideas & Suggestions

Are you looking for tips & ideas for fun kid party decorations? Super, you have come to the right place!

Here you’ll find suggestions on how to set up your party area, use balloons & streamers, turn toys into props, make handcrafted decorations, set the party table, stuff party goody bags, piñatas and more – fun, simple & low-cost kid party decoration ideas!

Decorating your party area can be lots of fun for you & the birthday child. When it comes to decorations, a little goes a long way, especially for younger kids. To save time & money on decorations, I suggest you hang streamers and balloons and/or let the birthday child draw pictures to put around the party area - indoors or outdoors.

Let the birthday child –age 4 & up- help you decorate. Feel comfortable to follow your child's lead. Remember, it doesn't need to be “perfect”. Doing and creating together is part of the fun & anticipation.

Decide on a party area (indoors or outdoors) and set up the space:

A party is a wonderful excuse to clean the house :-) Make sure that in the designated party area any breakables are packed away. The same applies to furniture. Make it a safe and efficient space.

Hang balloons & streamers:
Choose colors that match your party theme, such as reds & pinks for a Valentine party, or blue, yellow and orange for a backyard beach party. Hang them in the party area. If you have one, decorate your mailbox, too. You can also hang up balloons on street signs to lead your party guests to the party area.

Turn what you have into props:
To keep costs down, decorate the party room or party area with props you already own, strategically placed. For example, place stuffed animals around the party area for a Kid Tea Party, or hang bandannas in the dining room for a Wild West Party.

Homemade, handcrafted decorations:
Paper chains, banners, and favors are simple decorations you and your kids can make the week before the party.

Set the party table:
Start with a colorful tablecloth (theme related if desired), cups, and theme related plates - use paper for easy cleanup. Then get creative with napkin folding, centerpieces, and handcrafted place cards, if desired.

If you are on a low-cost budget, decorate your house with seasonal finds, such as a vase of spring tulips for an Easter party, pine cones for a Christmas party, or pumpkins and Indian corn for a Halloween or Thanksgiving event.
For a birthday party you might want to decorate a birthday throne. You can, for example, decorate a special chair with streamers & balloons to look like a throne to make the birthday child of guests of honor feel like a king or queen.

Here are more ideas for kid party decorations:

Balloons are fun & part of almost every party. Tie some to the mailbox to help guests find the party house. Tie a helium filled balloon to each guest's chair, tie balloons to trees, or other indoor or outdoor furniture. Here is an idea for you: after the party, guests may take the balloons home.
Note: make sure you buy will fill the helium balloons the day of the party. If you do it sooner, the balloons will lose the holding power.

Prizes, Favors, Party- and Goody Bags:
Giving out party bags is recommended at every party -no matter how old the child! This is especially important for younger guests. For example, a 2 year old cannot really understand the concept of gift-giving – they want to keep & open the presents that parents have just wrapped for the birthday child. With party bags, everyone gets a gift!
If your child is 4 years or older, shop together, and let your child selected toys and candy for the party bags. Very popular in among guests are small toys, trinkets, bubblegum, and small lollipops. The party favors you & the birthday child select will vary depending on the age of the guests. Don't worry too much about the quality of the gifts and prizes; most small guests appreciate quantity more!

If possible, have the birthday child hand out the party bags at the end of the party as the guests walk out the door. Suggest to guests to wait to look in their party bags until they get home or in the car on their way home. This way they want to lose or break their favors, or leave candy wrappers for you to clean up!

Are you interested in more kid party decorations ideas? Here you go:

Party Bag Alternatives:
Instead of buying favors, toys or candy for your guests’ party bags, include arts & crafts activities during your party and have your guests take home the finished projects.
Or, you may want to give each guest one large item as an alternative to party back. One parent I know gave out small plastic kites at her twins’ birthday party.

Or, you may want to use a Polaroid camera to take a photo of each guest with the birthday child. Put the photo in a frame which you & your child made ahead of time.

Party Hats & Blowers as Kid Party Decorations:
Party hats & blowers should be optional! Personally, I am not a big fan of party hats & blowers, simply because they can be frustrating for adults as well as children. Not all children want to wear the hats, and the rubber bands inevitably break on some of them. The adults end up scrambling to fix the hats while they tried to run the party, or light the candles on the birthday cake at the same time.
Blowers are often not constructed very well. If you decide to use them, be sure you have extras on hand because many won't work properly. Blowers can also be quite noisy, and it might not be easy to talk, sing “Happy Birthday”, or give instructions to guests while the children toot away.

Here are more ideas, tips & suggestions for fun kid party decorations:

For most people having a pinata is a tradition and a must for their child's party. If you are having a piñata please consider the following suggestions:
1. Fill small plastic sandwich bags with identical amounts of candy and party favors. Make one for each child at the party including the birthday child, and stuff the piñata with it. Let the guests know there is one bag for each child. This will prevent one child from grabbing all the prizes, and will prevent tears from kids who receive few, if any, treats.
2. Buy or make a piñata that can break open easily. You might want to try one of the new piñata that has strings the guests pull to dispense the prizes.
3. Tell the guests about the rules for playing the piñata game:
a. Kids need to stay in line standing shoulder to shoulder so they can all see, except when it's their turn to hit the piñata.
b. Kids are not to run out until all the content has spilled out and you give them the go-ahead.
4. Do not use a blindfold on a child that’s trying to hit the piñata. Young children are usually afraid of blindfolds. Even older children may be uncomfortable with them.
5. Be ready to help out to break open the piñata and disperse the content. Children usually don't mind the adults stepping in as they get tired of waiting.
6. Once all the content is on the ground, give the kids permission to rush in and each take one bag of goodies.

Are you interested in more ideas for kid party decorations? Here you go:

Paper & Disposable Products as Kid Party Decorations:
I love disposable products, such as paper cups & paper plates, plastic or paper tablecloth, for kid parties because they are safe for handling and provide for easy cleanup. If you are doing a theme party, try to find paper goods that reflect that theme. Otherwise, use the birthday child's favorite color.
I recommend you buy plastic spoons, but no forks. The spoons can be easily used for both cake and ice cream. Yum!

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