Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party

Planning the coolest Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party? Super, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll get tips & ideas for invitations, decorations, party food, cake, games & activities.

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Here is an easy low-cost way of making invitations for your party: Download a Big Time Rush image from the internet, add text and party details, such as event, place, date, time, RSVP etc. with Microsoft Word (PC) or Pages (Mac). Print out your invitations and give them to your friends.

If you are up for it, you can get creative with the shape and design of the invite! For example, you can make them in the shape of a CD, with an image of Big Time Rush on the front and the party details on the back. Laminate them.

Or, print invitations with an image of a microphone on it, or even in the shape of a microphone with a Big Time Rush photo on it. You can also create Big Time Rush Concert tickets or VIP passes as invitations on your computer and write the party details on the back. You might want to tell your guest to dress up and make a fashion statement!

For decorations hang up Big Time Rush posters and magazine covers. Later, you can use those as a background for photo shoots. Use lots of silver glitter, balloons & streamers

Video record all guests leaving a message to the birthday girl. Watch the movie towards the end of the party.

Want more Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party ideas? Here you go:

Do an Extreme Big Time Rush Fan Make-Over competition. In teams of 3-4 do a fun, outrageous, extreme make-over on one of your team members. Go crazy on hair & make-up. Design & put together a cool, crazy or elegant fashion outfit. Give out awards & prizes for every team!

Big Time Rush Song/Movie Video Charades:
Pick scenes and characters from Big Time Rush’s music videos, songs or show. Act them out and have your guests guess who or what you enact.

Big Time Rush Trivia Game: Come up with 10-20 questions about Big Time Rush, the music videos, certain scenes, the actors etc. and have fun answering them. Each correct answer gets a point. The player with the most points wins and gets a prize.

Want more Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party ideas? Here you go:

Big Time Rush Scavenger Hunt Come up with questions about the show and the actors, hide Big Time Rush items (such as sun glasses, tattoo stickers, posters etc.) in your party area for your guests to find, give your guests tasks, such as coming up with a Big Time Rush music video skit and so on.

Rock that Big Time Rush Song: Before the party print out the lyrics to several of your favorite Big Time Rush songs. Have them ready for your guests. Divide your guests into teams; give them the lyrics to one song and 10-15 min to rehearse it. Then it’s time for the performance! Make sure you video tape! Towards the end of the party sit down and watch the movie together.

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