Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party Ideas

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Big Time Rush’s Crazy Fan T-shirt Factory:
What you need:
White T-Shirts (one per party guest)
stencils, cookie cutter, rubber stamps (from a craft store)
Fabric Paint
Old newspapers or butcher paper to protect your work space.
Pie tins or other containers to hold the paint
1. Set up a work area. On a picnic table covered with newspaper, set out white T-shirts, cardboard, stencils, cookie cutters, rubber stamps from a craft store, and fabric paint.
2. Insert the cardboard inside the T-shirts to create a flat surface.
3. Pour the paint into pie tins.
4. Dip the cookie cutter or rubber stamp into the paint and press on the T-shirt. Press the stencils onto the T-shirt and fill in the hole with paint. Remove the stencils carefully
5. Heat-set the design (Follow package instructions on fabric paint container)

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Pass the microphone: Make sure your guests wear comfortable clothes, maybe even sports clothes or pajamas, if this is a slumber or sleep–over party. Each team gets a ball of string, with a plastic (toy) microphone tied to the end. Have each team line-up in a single file. On “Go” the first player passes the microphone down her shirt, through her pants and lets it come out her pants’ leg. She then passes it to the next team mate who continues to play, while more and more string is being released. As soon as the microphone has reached the last team member in line, that player pulls the microphone back and the process is reversed. The first player winds up the string little by little each time the microphone travels up the person and up the line. The string needs to end up wound back in a ball. When the team is done, they signal this by sitting down. Whoever is done first, wins!

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Big Time Rush Balloon Relay Race: You’ll need one balloon with a Big Time Rush image per team. Make your own Big Time Rush balloon by downloading an image from the internet, printing it out and taping it to your balloon. Have two teams seated in two rows facing each other. The balloon is started at one end and carefully passed along the tops of the team members’ feet along the length of the row to the end of the row. A dropped balloon must be re-introduced two players back. Alternatively, you can pass the balloon chin-to-chin. I suggest you use a smaller balloon for this game. Also, tell your guests they are not allowed to use their hands.

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Big Time Rush Dance Competition:
What you need:
Inflated balloons
Music Source (i.e. CD-player, etc.)
Big Time Rush Music Directions:
1. Ask each guest to find a partner.
2. The partners move around the open space, keeping the balloons between them without using their hands.
3. Add variety by stopping the music every once in a while and challenging the participants to use different body parts:
- head to head,
- arm to arm,
- chest to chest,
- back to back,
- side to side,
- need to need,
- tummy to tummy
- and anything else you can think of!
4. Teams who drop their balloon are out.
The last team dancing with their original balloon wins!

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Big Time Rush Group Hug:
No materials required
1. Divide your party guests into smaller teams of 2 to 3 people each.
2. Challenge each team to sit down on the floor with their backs to each other, link elbows, and then stand up without unlinking arms.
3. Once a team successfully stands up, they need to find another team that was also successful & form a larger group together, sit back to back, and attempt to stand up altogether.
4. The smaller teams should continue joining together until the entire group is back to back and working together to stand up as one big team.

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Big Time Rush Crazy Relay Race:
What you need: candy and/or chocolate hearts (wrapped), two spoons, four bowls or other containers
Directions: Break into two lines/teams. Place an equal amount of candy hearts in each of the team’s containers 20 feet from the starting line. Place the other (empty) container near the teams, back at the starting line. Hand the first two players their spoons. The objective is for each team member to run to their team’s container that’s filled with candy hearts, scoop up as much as they can and balance their hearts on the spoons while running back. Tell the team members to drop their candy hearts in their team’s container, and then pass the spoon to the next player. The team who has the most candy hearts at the end of the game wins.

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Big Time Rush Face & Body Painting:
With face paint decorate your face, arms, hands, legs, feet and/or toes with Big Time Rush images such as sun glasses, stars, tattoos, etc.

Want even more Big Time Rush Birthday Theme Party ideas? Here you go:

Draw a Portrait of your favorite Big Time Rush singer: This one is fun! –All you’ll need are pencils & sheets of paper. Hand them out to your guests and ask them to draw a portrait of their favorite Big Time Rush singer. Then, turn off the lights!

Big Time Rush Funky Dance: You’ll need masking-tape and two pairs of binoculars, or strong reading glasses. With masking-tape or duck-tape tape two equal lines of the floor. It can be straight lines (easier) or squiggly ones, as long as they look the same. Divide your guests into two teams and ask each member to dance along their line, one foot in front of the other, – play Big Time Rush music for dancing, of course! No “falling off” allowed! When everyone is done, ask your guests to dance the line again, this time looking through the wrong side of a pair of binoculars.

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