Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party

Looking for great ideas for your Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party? Super, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find tips & ideas for invitations, decorations, game & activities, party foods, cake and more!

Let’s start with an easy way of making cool Angry Birds Invitations:
Download an Angry Birds image from the internet, drop it into a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word (PC) or Pages (Mac). Add text and party details, such as event, place, date, time, RSVP etc. Print out your invitations and give them to your friends.

Want more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you go:

You can also get creative with the shape and design of the invite! For example, you can make your invitations in the shape of a bird, with an image of one of the Angry Birds characters on the front and the party details on the back. Laminate your invitations.

You can also create an invitation on your computer that looks like the Angry Birds app, a smart phone, an iPad etc. and write the party details on the back.

You might want to include a slingshot with your invitation as a gimmick.

Here are more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas:

For decorations find Angry Birds images on the internet (red bird, pigs etc), print them out on heavier paper such as card stock paper, cut them out and hang up them up!

Decorate your party area according to the colors and items on your favorite Angry Birds app such as Angry Birds Seasons (Christmas, Valentine’s Day Easter etc.) or Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio takes place in Brazil, so you might want to decorate your party area in a tropical, colorful way with lots of yellows, green, reds etc. you might want to get a fake or even real palm tree and coconuts or other tropical fruit.

You can get real cool Angry Birds party decorations at stores like or

Want more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you go:

Video record all guests leaving a message to the party host. Watch the movie towards the end of the party.

Want more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you go:

Angry Birds Trivia Game Come up with 10-20 questions about Angry Birds (the game, the characters, location etc.) and have fun answering them. Each correct answer gets a point. The player with the most points wins and gets a prize.

Want more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you are:

Angry Birds T-shirt Making:
What you need:
White T-Shirts (one per party guest)
Angry Birds related stencils, cookie cutters, rubber stamps (from a craft store)
Fabric Paint in Angry Birds colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, black etc.
Old newspapers or butcher paper to protect your work space.
Pie tins or other containers to hold the paint
1. Set up a work area. On table covered with newspaper, set out white T-shirts, cardboard, stencils, cookie cutters, rubber stamps from a craft store, and fabric paint.
2. Insert the cardboard inside the T-shirts to create a flat surface.
3. Pour the paint into pie tins.
4. Dip the cookie cutter or rubber stamp into the paint and press on the T-shirt. Press the stencils onto the T-shirt and fill in the hole with paint. Remove the stencils carefully
5. Heat-set the design (Follow package instructions on fabric paint container)

Play the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Board Game by Mattel:
This tabletop game is a two-four player Angry Birds-inspired game where players get to launch plastic birds at pigs for real. Players compete for points.

The game comes with 14 blocks, green pigs, as well as the red, yellow & black bird. The catapult is completely made of plastic, and pulls back at the base to send the birds flying. The game also comes with 56 mission cards where the players need to build the structure shown on the cards.

.How to play: Players build obstacles, complete with Angry Birds characters and catapult them into the blocks. Because of the mission cards, this game is also a strategy game. One player pulls one of the mission cards, the second player then needs to build the structure shown on the card. The other players try to knock down the structure. The first player to score 1,000 points wins. The game costs about $14.99.

Angry Birds Balloon Relay Race:
You’ll need one balloon with an Angry Birds character image per team. Make your own Angry Birds balloon by downloading an image from the internet, printing it out and taping it to your balloon. Have two teams seated in two rows facing each other. The balloon is started at one end and carefully passed along the tops of the team members’ feet along the length of the row to the end of the row. A dropped balloon must be re-introduced two players back. Alternatively, you can pass the balloon chin-to-chin. Use a smaller balloon for this game. Also, tell your guests they are not allowed to use their hands.

Want even more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you are:

Make your own Angry Bird:
With big pompoms for the body (red, yellow, black etc.), pipe cleaners for the beaks, black yarn for eyebrows or hair, wiggly eyes, glue make your own little Angry Bird. Or, make a green pig with one big pompom and one smaller one for the snout. Use black yarn, stickers or paper scraps for the nostrils.

Angry Birds Crazy Relay Race:
What you need: Candy or wrapped chocolates in Angry Birds or pig colors and/or Angry Birds wrappers (you can find them on or, two spoons, four bowls or other containers
Directions: Break into two lines/teams. Place an equal amount of Angry Birds candy in each of the team’s containers 20 feet from the starting line. Place the other (empty) container near the teams, back at the starting line. Hand the first two players their spoons. The objective is for each team member to run to their team’s container that’s filled with Angry Birds candy, scoop up as much as they can and balance their candy on the spoons while running back. Tell the team members to drop their candy in their team’s container, and then pass the spoon to the next player. The team who has the most candy at the end of the game wins.

Want even more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you go:

Angry Birds Face & Body Painting:
With face paint have the kids decorate their faces, arms, hands, legs, feet and/or toes with Angry Birds images such as the different bird characters, the pigs, the catapult etc.

Draw your favorite Angry Birds character:
This one is fun! –All you’ll need are pencils & sheets of paper. Hand them out to your guests and ask them to draw a picture of your favorite Angry Birds character. Then, turn off the lights!
Want Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas for Cake, Food and Favors ? Here you go:

Party Food:
Here are some yummy, easy ideas:

Angry Birds Fruit:
Cut up fruit in the Angry Birds characters shape: Use Watermelon for the red bird, pineapple for the yellow bird etc. Decorate with black licorice (eye brows & pupils), orange pieces (beak), cut marshmallows in circles for eyes and tummy!

Make Angry Birds Mini Pizzas:
Use English Muffins as your base, sprinkle with cheese, top with pepperoni (cut out one triangle so you can see the cheese under it), decorate with yellow cheese (beak), white cheese for the eyes, black olives for the eye brows and pupils!

More Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas:

For a simple & fun cake decoration, I suggest to download an Angry Birds picture, photo or clipart from the internet. Add “Happy Birthday, ______!” (host’s/hostess’ name) to it. Print it out on regular paper. Laminate it. Lay it on the cake & press it lightly into the frosting. Decorate around it. If this is a birthday party, remember to leave enough space for the candles! :-)

More Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas:

Other ideas are cutting a cake in the shape of one of the Angry Birds Characters.

Here are some ideas on how to make your own Angry Birds Cake:

You can also find cute Edible Angry Birds Toppers for your cake on

Want more Angry Birds Birthday Theme Party Ideas? Here you go:

Another idea is to create Angry Birds Cupcakes decorating your favorite cupcakes with colorful Fondit in Angry Birds colors, cut into shapes for beak, eyes, eyebrows etc. Yummy!

For party favors give out Angry Birds stickers, plush animals,, posters for your guests to take home. You might want to include a CD/DVD with your video recordings from the party!,, Wal-Mart & Target are great places to find Angry Birds items like T-shirts, Sticker Decals, Pinback Badges & Buttons, Plush, Candy Labels, Matching Games, Earrings etc.

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